Palamida's products are ideally suited for organizations desiring to establish an end-to-end solution to approve, scan and track Open Source and other third party code in their development projects and to stay current on license, vulnerability and other information about the software they use. With a library of over two million open source components, and over 1.4 million automated detection rules, source and binary code scanning with Enterprise Edition is comprehensive and increasingly automated. The integration of request and authorization workflow with scanning allows organizations to implement a full cycle solution starting with the request to use, followed by scanning and reconciliation of actual and requested contents. Enterprise Edition is a secure, scalable solution designed for on-site deployment and use.

Founding Team

Jeff Luszcz, CTO and Founder
Mark Tolliver, CEO


2015: CIO Review named Palamida one of the Top Most Promising Open Source companies. 

The Initial Sprout

Industry's first scanning technology to identify code components as well as security vulnerabilities.

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