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Conductor's mission is to accelerate the VFX and Animation industry's transition from local, fixed infrastructure to an on-demand, cloud-based model.  Leveraging the power of remote cloud rendering and seamlessly integrating with production workflow, the Company is a core enabling service and money saver for its clients. Conductor was spun out of Atomic Fiction, a visual effects company founded by Kevin Baillie and Ryan Tudhope where the product was used on blockbusters including The Walk, Deadpool, and Game of Thrones.  



Kevin Baillie, Founder
Kevin joined Lucasfilm at the age of 18. After years of VFX Supervising on Hollywood's biggest films he co-founded the studio Atomic Fiction, which now employs over 200 artists.   


2015: Spun out of Atomic Fiction
2016: High profile Beta customers
2017:  Product publicly launched at SigGraph 2017
          Strengthened integration with Autodesk’s Shotgun
          Walden and Autodesk co-lead investment round

The Initial Sprout

Robust and differentiated product fully integrated in workflow at scale

Matt Miller & Jay Zhao

Year Partnered