What is Sprout Stage?

Sprout Stage™ is the backbone of our strategy.  We invest in companies that have these three defining characteristics:

1) Demonstrable product or technology
2) Mass market potential
3) Incredible core technology

Currently, we’re focused on digital media and cloud services across both enterprise and consumer verticals. Our goal is to invest right as your company is taking off with a demonstrable product and defensible, underlying technology. 

Why Walden? Put simply, we help build great companies by actively supporting founders with resources beyond money.  We have helped many of the technologies you know and love find the customers, vendors and key relationships that embed their goods and services into the daily lives of millions. We specialize in getting companies to and through growth, acquisition or IPO.

You'll find that we're astute investors for sure.  But you'll also find that we're creative individuals who work across a variety of growth sectors.  Starting from our early days investing in Gymboree to some of more recent technology-focused investments, we add value every step of the way.  If you have an incredible core technology, a demo-able product, and mass market potential, call us first!

What does your typical investment look like?

Our initial investment depends on the capital needs and stage of the business.  Our sweet spot is an initial investment of $500k - $2 million of a $1-4 million round.  We usually lead first institutional financing but can join as a syndicate partner as well.