Drew Marcus is a name well known to a lot of radio executives and managers.

Before launching Sugarloaf Rock Capital, Marcus was vice chairman of global banking for Deutsche Bank and a member of its media/industry analyst. Sugarloaf, launched in 2009, managers SLRC Media Opportunities Fund, which invests in technology, media and telecom equities, and debt securities, with a focus on media.

   Drew's brother Larry Marcus is managing director at Walden Venture Capital, which focused on "sprout stage" investing in the digital media and cloud services spaces. (A company at the "sprout" stage is typically looking for its first round of capital after initial seed or angel financing.) Before Walden, Larry was in digital media sell-side equity research in the 90's, first covering PC software and later video game software, broadband, and the Internet. Now he's focused on mobile, social, and tablet devices, and the services that can uniquely leverage their capabilities. Barron's has called him the "Music VC" because of his involvement with Pandora, SoundHound, and Rootmusic, all of which have broken out in their respective spaces.

Larry Marcus has a deep love of technology, and even has a modest dead-hardware museum, with notable pieces of technology from the '60s and beyond, including early home computers, mobile phones, and video game systems. There's the Apple Lisa, the Altair 2200 (Paul Allen wrote his first code or Microsoft on it), the NextCube (the first video game system),the first Polaroid camera, a Betamax VCR, the Audible Player, and the first TiVo and ReplayTV models. Some of these, of course, were notable for their success while others, like the 3DO game console, ended up as overhyped failures.

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